Areas of Intervention

  • Education

    Ensino Lusófona focuses its activities on teaching and research for the scientific, cultural, economic and social development of the community.

    Based on these premises, it invests strongly in internationalization and the development of new programmes and research projects integrating national and international partnerships and consortiums.

  • Health

    Health emerges as a complementary area to the teaching project which, in Portugal, apart from its main vocation of providing health and social support services to the community, also has the major goal of leveraging a considerable part of the practical component to the students from the higher education institutions in the technical dimensions in the fields of public health (human and animal wellbeing), namely, nursing, clinical tests, imageology and radiotherapy, pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, psychology, social work, veterinary medicine and veterinary nursing.

    São João de Deus Clinic

    Combining tradition and renewal, São João de Deus Clinic relies on a qualified and humane clinical staff of health professionals as well as on state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies. This being essentially a surgical clinic, with an Operating Room and Inpatient Care, it covers most clinical specialities, medical appointments and tests, Permanent Medical Assistance Service, and Home Care Service.

    São José de Camarate Clinic

    São José de Camarate Clinic began its activity over 40 years ago in the field of healthcare and social support to special needs elderly.

    At present it is positioned as a clinic for temporary or permanent inpatient care, adapted to welcome patients of all ages, be they autonomous or showing different levels of dependency.

    Teaching Hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Lusófona University

    The teaching hospital provides support service to the community within the scope of the practical classes of the Integrated Master in Veterinary Medicine, and comprehends the following areas:

    • Laboratory of Clinical Tests and Histopathology (LACH)
      LACH, operating since September 2011, offers high quality diagnostic options at the teaching hospital of FMV-ULHT and the veterinary community in general. It performs procedures in the field of clinical tests and histopathology, and provides services of Haematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Urinalysis, Microbiology (bacteriology and mycology), Parasitology, Immunology/ Serology, Molecular Biology, Diagnostic Cytology, Histopathology, Toxicology, Forensic Medicine.
    • Community outreach
      Medical-surgical support as safeguard of animal health, within the scope of the practical classes of the Integrated Master in Veterinary Medicine to institutions, associations that support and protect animals as well as town halls under the protocols signed with FMV-ULHT.