Student ID

The student ID card is key to your daily life. The ID card enables you to manage your life academically and/or financially. It is mandatory and free of charge.

To request your card online, you need to have the Digital Mobile Key.

If you don’t have your digital mobile key

The Digital Mobile Key is a means of authentication and digital signing certified by the Portuguese State, which enables its holder to access several public or private portals, and sign digital documents, with a single login.

This mechanism associates a mobile phone number to the civil identification number, for a Portuguese citizen, and the passport number or residence card, for a foreign citizen.

The activation of the mobile key is available here.

Get your Digital Mobile Key now, you will need it to have access to your student’s card from the comfort of your home.

CGD-Caixa Geral de Depósitos Student Card for foreign students

Since international students do not have a citizen card and the mobile key, they can only obtain their student’s card in person. Students must go to a branch of CGD with the following documents:

  • Passport;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Proof that they are students of the University/Institute.
The students of each institution of Ensino Lusófona should preferably go to one of the following branches:
  • Lusófona University – Alvalade branch or CGD headquarters;
  • Lusófona University Porto - Amial, Foz do Douro, Lordelo or Boavista branches;
  • ISMAT - Portimão or Penha branches;
  • ISLA Santarém – Santarém branch;
  • IPLUSO - Expo Sul branch;
  • ISLA Gaia - Vila Nova Gaia branch;
  • ISDOM - Marinha Grande branch.

What is the latest day I can request my student card?

The student card can be requested at any time, provided:

  • You are duly registered/enrolled in the current academic year;
  • You go to one of the CGD branches identified;
  • You have with you all the necessary documents;
  • You have your mobile key or, in the case of foreign citizens who do not have citizen card and mobile key, you have your passport, proof of residence and proof that you are a student of the university / institute.

How long does it take for the card to be issued?

It depends.
Cards associated with the opening of an account which are also debit card take about 2 to 3 weeks.
Simple student cards without association to an account take about 30 to 60 days

How do I collect my student card?

Cards associated with an account and that are debit cards as well are sent to the addresses (residence) indicated by the students when they open the account;
Simple student cards are delivered at the Academic Services of the University / Institute. Thus, 30 days after the date when they requested the card, students should go to the student’s office to collect their card.