Student Mobility

  • Online application procedure.
  • Questions and concerns about the mobility process should be addressed to the International Coordinators of the respective Organic Units.
  • Students in outgoing mobility (for studies or internships), are guaranteed the automatic and complete recognition of all the ECTS defined in the Learning Agreement for Studies or in the Learning Agreement for Training, which must be signed and validated before departure.
  • Students assessment and classification, during mobility, are translated into a transcript of records issued by the host institution. On arrival, all the marks are credited and registered. The same happens in the case of curricular internships.
  • The attendance of curricular units, and respective ECTs, that are not directly credited in the study plan are recognized in the Diploma Supplement. In this Diploma Supplement are indicated: Mobility Program; Country and City where the mobility took place; Period; Host Institution; Activity (Studies/Internship/Curriculum Unit) and Assessment obtained. The extracurricular and professional internships are recognized in the Supplement

Staff Mobility

  • Online application procedure.
  • Staff mobility can be performed by Teaching Missions and/or Training Missions.
  • The recognition of Staff Mobility, both Teaching and Training, takes place as follows:
  • The mobility activities carried out by the academic staff are formally accounted for purposes of performance evaluation process;
  • The training mobility activities carried out by the administrative staff are an element of evaluation, in the annual performance evaluation.