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Note: applications are closed for 21/22 and will be open soon for 22/23

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Recognition of training carried out in mobility

All outbound students, whether for studies or traineeship, are ensured full and automatic recognition of all ECTS defined in the Learning Agreement for Studies or in the Learning Agreement for Traineeship, approved before the student leaves for the period of mobility for studies, traineeship or a combined period of studies and traineeship, as well as approval by the involved parties of any alterations that may occur during mobility. With the introduction of EWP – ERASMUS Without Paper, all these procedures are carried out on the MO -- Mobility Online platform.

Issuing the Transcript of Records by the host HEI gives way to the transcript of evaluations defined before the student’s departure. This procedure is the responsibility of the International Coordinator of the respective Organic Unit, in conjunction with the Mobility Service, the Central University Services. The same applies to curricular traineeships, with the assignment of the equivalency. Once again, all these procedures are managed on EWP and MO – ensuring the transparency of procedures, the elimination of paper and the efficient management of resources.

Whenever students in mobility for studies obtain ECTS or attend Curricular Units to which there is no equivalency in their Study Programme, the recognition is done in the Diploma Supplement. In these entries to the Diploma Supplement the following items are stated: Mobility Programme; Country and City where the Mobility took place; Period; Host Institution; Activity (Studies/Traineeship/Curricular Unit) and Grade obtained. Extracurricular and professional traineeships are recognised in the Diploma Supplement.

The Recognition of Staff Mobility: Teaching Missions and Training Missions is done as follows:

  • the Mobility activities carried out by the Teaching Staff are formally entered in the performance evaluation process of each lecturer involved;
  • the Mobility activities for training carried out by the administrative staff constitute evaluation elements for the annual performance evaluation.